A Message From the Owner

For years, I've thought the construction industry has been broken. There are too many dishonest, or lazy contractors. If you're able to get your contractor to show up, then you have to worry about them making unnecessary repairs or gouging you with exorbitant prices. I've seen it first hand, a contractor shoots you a cheap price to get you in the door, and then hits you with a dozen change orders.

I think the industry needs to be better, and be held to higher standards. Transparency, honesty, quality work, and customer service is what I try to provide to all my customers. I won't claim to be the lowest estimate, and I probably won't be the highest, but you'll get quality work, at a fair price.

Another problem I think many contractors fall into, is taking on too much work at one time. We all like to be busy, sure, but each job, big or small, deserves the attention that it takes to get the job done correctly. One way I combat this, is simply by being present. I don't sell you on a job, and then send out a crew thinking they will figure it out. I'm still out on every job swinging the hammer.

Contractors today get such a bad name, and I'm here to take back our good name, one job at a time.

Adam Blake